Welcome Beer Lovers, One and All

Louisville Beer Bros was conceived as a forum for discussing, reviewing and generally fawning over all things beer related in the Louisville region. Though it was the brainchild of Nick Jacobs and myself, we’ll be collaborating with others – mostly our close friends and fellow connoisseurs – who are just as passionate about beer as we are. We’re new at this, and we have a lot to learn, but if there’s one thing we share, it’s a deep knowledge and appreciation of craft brews and a sincere desire to share that appreciation with others.

Like most people, we started out drinking beer in college and were mostly concerned with quantity over quality, but as time passed, we became aware of a burgeoning, vibrant craft beer environment in the city of Louisville. The last ten years have seen an explosion of local bars, shops and restaurants purveying some of the finest craft beers in the world. Of course, Louisville has always had a close relationship with mankind’s oldest alcoholic beverage. German immigrants in the 19th century brought with them centuries of brewing knowledge and an insatiable thirst. It’s no coincidence that some of the best restaurants and beer suppliers in the region are located in Germantown and run by the descendants of those immigrants.

But Louisville Beer Bros is about more than just reviews. Underlying our project is an abiding passion for beer as a part of the human condition and as one of the things that makes life great. Beer makes you happy, brings people together, is healthy in moderation and it tastes damn good. As Benjamin Franklin put it, “There can’t be good living where there isn’t good drinking.” Amen, Ben.

– Lee Cole